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大将 一柳和弥






” 一部の鮨職人のみがなしうる妙技を持つ希少な鮨職人として、今後の東京、江戸前、鮨を担う人 ”



People often talk about ``Jiro`` as the best sushi restaurant in Tokyo or Japan. I think it’s because they watched the movie or because they know that Barak Obama went there on his first night in Tokyo. I can't find much difference in quality between a 30,000yen set sushi meal (it's set so you can't chose what you like to have) at Jiro and a 20,000yen Okonomi (order as you like) meal at my favourite sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. I believe the best sushi always depends on the individual's taste. I have tried most of the top Sushi and French restaurants in Tokyo, and the most well known Jiro-sushi unfortunately isn't even on my list. What matters is the texture of each rice grain, the special rice vinegar taste, that the sushi-rice temperature is perfectly controlled for each Sushi-neta (sashimi on top of the rice), and the quality and the freshness of the fish and several different types of fresh seasonal fishes, clams and others! My favourites are Kohada, Aji, Katsuo and Aka-gai, at which Mr. Ichiyanagi selects only the best for his finest sushi. I never miss his sushi in Tokyo whenever I am in Japan!




This is the place you can eat 'REAL' Edomae Sushi. There is no English menu but you can order as 'Omakase' which is Sushi chef will pick best and suitable Sushi for you. I enjoyed most of sushi, especially squid had amazing texture!